Chill your wine from the inside without watering it down! This cheap chill stick performs much better than its price.

It’s a 3-in-1 wine chiller stick that has an aerator and pouring function in addition to it’s chilling ability.

To use: Simply open up a wine bottle (perhaps using one of these bottle openers) and slip in a chilled wine stick. The chill stick will bring the wine down to a good temperature, but not TOO cold. And of course it won’t water your wine down.


This is great if you buy wine at the store and want to drink it right away when you get home. No worries about having to toss it in the fridge/freezer and wait an hour or more!

The chill stick itself will have to be frozen. Just toss it in the freezer overnight or for just a few hours before use.

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It takes up very little room in your freezer, which is cool. It’s compact and super convenient. It fits all wine bottle sizes, although in our experience you might have to empty out a bit of wine in order to get the chill stick into the wine bottle.

To clean, just rinse chill rod and pourer with warm water after each use.


The aeration is nice too. You might think it’s not a great feature but in reality it changes the entire taste and complexion of your wine. Ever drink a wine from a bottle right after opening it up? Much of the time it doesn’t taste NEARLY as godo as if you let the bottle sit open for an hour or two. Wine experts tell you to “let it breathe” for a while. Well, the aerator on this stick lets you aerate the wine as your pour it, so you don’t have to wait a few hours for optimal wine taste. Really worth the price of admission and pays for it self hundreds of times over during the life this stick.

Let’s talk about the pouring “feature”. At first blush (wine pun intended), it would seem like a useless thing to talk about. But it does actually help the wine pour much more evenly than if it came straight out of the bottle. It really helps prevent spills and unintended drips all over your nice carpet or tablecloth. Pretty slick.


So, wrapping up… this is a super handy tool that any wine lover should have in their arsenal. It even comes with in a very nice box that’s suitable for gifting. Looking for a Christmas gift, birthday gift, or secret santa office exchange gift? This thing is great – and it won’t break the bank.

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