Shake, shake, shake…shake, shake, shake…shake your wine glass, shake your wine glass…

What are you doing??? You’re not making a martini, you know. What? Who told you that shaking the wine makes it breathe? Oh, you misinformed dear. That is so wrong.

Look. Feast your eyes on this. Within this box is the answer to your dilemma, I promise you. You’ll never have to drink a tasteless glass of Cab Sauv ever again.

Lo!, the wine aerator. What is a wine aerator, you ask? Ah, sit and let me demonstrate. A wine aerator is a delightful invention through which you pour wine into a glass standing underneath. Watch, like so. Place the glass on the table, hold the aerator over it (think of it like a funnel), and pour the wine into the aerator. No fuss, no muss. Well, unless you get it into your head and shake the aerator, which you won’t, right? NO shaking.

Take a sip of that. You never knew Cab Sauv could be so smooth? Oh, you poor child. A smooth Cab Sauv is like heaven on earth, sliding over the tongue with a depth that tastes just so perfect that you almost don’t want to swallow. Yes, this must be how wine-tasters feel, all giddy and trying to figure out what components reside within this particular vintage. Chocolate, yes, it could be.

It’s not a high-end vintage? That’s ok, that’s the whole point of the aerator! It *tastes* like it’s high-end. No, you don’t have to tell anyone what brand it is. Yes, you can aerate an entire bottle and then pour it into a high-end empty bottle. I won’t tell.

Remember, NO shaking! Promise me? Good.

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