Wine2Go simply rocks.

It’s a foldable “wine flask” that holds a bottle of your favorite vino. You just fill it up, throw it in a bag and hit the road. When you’re done, fold it up and clean it out for the next time.

Some people use flasks of whiskey, others like beer, but this lets us finally bring wine just about anywhere.

It makes the process of travelling with wine much nicer; It’s not as heavy as a glass bottle, it won’t break (well mostly, see below), and it folds up nicely when done.

The Wine2Go foldable wine bottle is awesome for taking wine to the beach, to a concert, a football game … anywhere really!

Other uses include pools, tailgating, camping, hiking. Bonus – you can sneak it into places that DON’T allow it too, but of course that depends on your set of ethics! It’s easily hideable in a coat, sweater or bag.

This wine flask holds a full bottle of wine (up to 750ml, which is what most standard wine bottles are).


It has an easy fill, large mouth that really works out pretty well. It’s not perfect, but with a bit of practice it’s pretty easy. You could grab a funnel and someone to help you out to make it easier, but we found that you can do it by yourself pretty easily.

Wine2Go is reusable and should last you quite a while. However, in the event that it breaks or outlives its usefulness, it is 100% recyclable (no BPA’s).

Speaking of breaking, some people report leaking. We never ran into this problem and we tested extensively. We just figure that with all physical products, especially ones that, you know, hold liquids – there will be some problems. However, just get a hold of the company and we’re sure they’ll work it out with you if it’s within the first 30-90 days of purchase. (The Wine2Go website was down at time of writing so we were unable to find out what the warranty is.)

To chill it, you could toss it in the fridge or freezer for an hour or so before heading out. you could also bring along one of these wine chiller sticks:

DOB Wine Chiller Stick with Aerator and Pourer

For wine aficionados it’s important to note that this wine flask does not change the taste noticeably. We tested a bunch and none of us could discern any difference. We scoured reviews and didn’t find a single negative about Wine2Go changing the taste of wine.

That said, it’s probable that if you kept wine in this bag for a while (a week or longer) that it’ll change the taste. But that’s not really what this is meant for. It’s meant to be used over the course of a day or two and then cleaned. (Most other plastic flasks will change the taste of wine.)


When you’re done with your wine, this wine flask folds up to almost nothing. Simply roll it up and put it in a bag or pocket to clean when you get home.

(Speaking of cleaning, you’ll want to make sure you clean it promptly. If you don’t, that’s when you could get funky tastes building up.)

The Good

  • Awesome for concerts/sports
  • Easy to conceal
  • Save money on stadium alcohol prices
  • Weighs less than a glass bottle
  • Fits in a purse
  • Pretty inexpensive

The Bad

  • Must clean it quickly after using, otherwise can smell bad/wine gets funky
  • Doesn’t stand up by itself that well
  • Can be conspicuous in public (there’s a symbol of a wine bottle on it)
  • Sometimes leaks can occur


All in all, this bad boy is one awesome wine flask. And at just over $10 it’s a great little gift. For that price you could buy a couple for yourself and a couple as gifts. I mean really, it’s just about the perfect way to travel with wine.

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