You’re out at the beach, camping, or hangin’ in your backyard/personal bar, and everyone has glasses teetering on the chair arms, and the bottles of wine are trying to avoid your feet as everyone wanders around…it’s pandemonium.

This set of wine stakes are exactly what you need to save those glasses and bottles from being spilled and broken! All you do is plant the stake, slip your glass into the loop, and even you, as you get really involved in that conversation about whether or not the aliens will land TONIGHT or after the full moon, won’t knock it over. And the wine, oh, you must save the wine! The stake that holds the wine is 15″ long, definitely long enough that you can’t knock it over, thereby saving those precious grapes for when you win the argument and want to toast to your Ancient Aliens knowledge.

The cool thing is that you can also use the stakes for holding candles, too, creating a lovely ambience for those UFO parties. You could even use them to make a welcoming runway for landing! Just be prepared to grab a bottle from one of the stakes to toast your new friends. Luckily, it won’t be tipped over on the ground because you’ve had the wherewithal to purchase this amazing set of wine accessories, and the aliens won’t have any reason to take you up into their ship. Well, unless you want to.

Your friends will be amazed, you’ll save the day, and all will be well in your world.

Whether on the ship or here on earth.

Price: 22.99
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