You won your round of Trivial Pursuit by knowing that the tattoo on Nathan Fillion’s right thigh is an Ibis, and you reach down to your glass of wine and take a nice refreshing drink.

And nearly cough yourself silly. There was a…something…in it… something with legs. Something you really, really don’t want to think about. As Malcolm Reynolds is fond of saying, “Why does it never go smooth??“, and that’s about how having a glass of wine just sitting there, unsuspecting, turns out.

Not smooth. Leggy. Crawly. Ewww.

Now it’s not like you’re a beginner at this; you’ve tried lids, but nothing fits right, and napkins end up blowing away in the slightest breeze. While the exercise involved in catching them is good for you, it doesn’t fit in with the relaxing mood you’re trying to achieve. Picnic, wine, calm. Can you say, “Ohm“… ?

Luckily for you, a very inspired, anti-bug, genius created something awesome:  wine veils! They’re 5 x 5 napkin-like covers for your glass made of sheer fabric in different colors (keeps Aunt Martha from drinking from your glass). And the brilliant part is that there are four charms, 3 cute dragonflies and a bunch of grapes, one on each corner, weighing down the fabric, so the resemblance to mini-parachutes it out of the picture. Exercise averted.

Sadly, they aren’t big enough to hide…I mean cover…Aunt Martha’s jello with broccoli (don’t ask, it’s better that way), but without legs in your wine, you’ve become sanguine about the whole situation, and quietly feed your dog, Jayne, the prunes. The jello still tastes funny, but that’s the price you must pay.

A bug-free glass of Merlot makes the world a happier place. Here’s to wine veils! And Jayne. Who knew dogs like broccoli?

Price: 26.50
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