Every now and then you think that it would be so much easier to be a beer drinker than a wine lover. Beer comes in cans. You can dent a can, but it doesn’t really hurt it, unless you step on it, and even then, it needs to be a pretty firm step. Wine glasses, on the other hand, seem to break with just a glance, so you find yourself looking sideways at them, feeling slowly across the table for the stem, trying not to startle the glass. One false move, the glass shivers, and crack! Another one gone.

Never mind the fact that tailgate parties are the social event of the season, and wine glasses just can NOT deal with the rambunctiousness. They prefer lounging casually on your sideboard, not your sidewalls. You’ve tried everything else, and while serviceable, mugs are tacky, red Solo cups are an insult to the wine (plus, Fred insists on playing catch with them, and he never remembers to see if they’re empty)…you need something indestructible, pretty, and, if you’re wishing really big, chillable.

Ah, dear dreamer, your wish has come true! How about a gorgeous pair of silver, stemless, stainless steel wine glasses? The really classy kind of stainless steel that doesn’t leave you feeling like you dropped a dozen nails in the wine bottle and let them marinate overnight. You know that taste. Yes, we know about the penny you tried to eat when you were a kid…mom’s talk, what can we say.

Now you can kick back with your perfectly chilled wine, look classy while doing so, smile as Fred knocks it over, and when it’s time to cheer on your team, toss them in the nearest bag without a worry. No startling involved. You, my dear, have found wine glass Nirvana.

Price: 20.96
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