This is a truly awesome wine chiller that also aerates as you pour!

This wine chiller rod is one of the best we’ve ever seen. It works great for all types of wine and -most- types of wine bottles. Name aside (Esthétique? Really?) it’s the perfect wine chiller/aerator.

It’s even great for “unfurling the wine’s bouquet”, as the manufacturer states, which is something that we love about it even we’re not sure what it means. (Be sure to use that phrase the next time you sip some wine in public!)

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This stick helps keep you wine chilled but not cold. This is a big distinction but difficult to manage.

Maybe even better than chilling your wine properly, it also keeps your wine from becoming watery. If you’re like us, you don’t always want to wait for a bottle of wine to chill. So you just open up a bottle, pour a glass of wine, toss in an ice cube or two, and drink it. That works *ok*, and it’s quick and easy. But it also leaves your wine less than desireable by watering it down and changing the taste.

This wine chiller rod by Esthétique is the best of all worlds. It leaves your wine at the perfect temp and doesn’t water it down at all. Just toss the chiller rod in the freezer for about 2 hours. For red wines, you might want to just freeze it for about a half hour. White wines generally taste better at colder temperatures, so maybe freeze it for closer to 2 hours.

Some say that red wines are better at just below room temperature, or at the very least warmer than white wines – but this is all a matter of opinion. We’re just letting you know that you can vary the coldness of the chiller stick to your preference.




Most wine needs to be properly aerated to taste its best. This is why if you open a bottle and quickly drink wine from it, it usually doesn’t taste as good as if you let the bottle sit and breathe for a while before drinking.

Well, when you pour from this chiller stick it also aerates the wine, brining out the wines natural flavors.

It’s simple and easy aeration combined with chilling that makes this an awesome little tool.



It allows you to pour the wine. Duh. But we had to put this section here because they taut this stick as a “3 in 1 bottle cooler stick”. Pouring is one of the 3 main selling features they talk about.

Does it help you pour any better into a wine glass? Not really – not any easier at least. But it does make if look and feel cooler to pour out of – that much is true and shouldn’t be diminished. It’s really neat to pour out of this.

Slight Annoyance

One slightly annoying thing about this stick is that you have to empty a little bit of wine in order to get it into the bottle.

But really there’s no way around this and it’s not a deal breaker. You just have half a glass to share with people around you as a teaser of what’s to come!


Great as a Gift

Not only is it functional, but it’s elegant as well and comes in a very nice package suitable for an awesome gift.

The packaging is amazeballs; fancy and luxurious and it’ll make the recipient think you spent way more than you did.

Frankly it’s a little *too* fancy for our tastes, but we’re just simple folk. That said, it’s just part of the whole experience and we tossed the box away quickly, eager to try the stick out.


Geeky Bonus

A bonus is that the stick looks like some sort of magic wand or king’s scepter, so after a few drink you might start to play around with it and cast spells or order people around… maybe to have them fetch you another bottle of wine. :p

The Good

  • Keeps wine chilled but not cold
  • Quick to freeze (< 2 hours)
  • No more watery wine
  • Makes wine taste better (through aeration)
  • Inexpensive
  • Great gift set

The Bad

  • Aerator is plastic not glass (possibly might wear out)
  • You have to empty some wine out before inserting into wine bottle


This wine chiller stick is a really nice accessory for any wine drinker or aficionado. Whether you’re a wine snob or a newbie that can’t tell a merlot from a malbec, this stick is a great little deal that you shouldn’t be without.

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