This Wine Saver Pump comes with bottle stoppers to keep your wine fresh and ready for you when ever you want to tap into a bottle but don’t want to feel rushed into finishing.

Perfect for the professional who likes to relax with a glass of wine without having to purchase a new bottle every few days! This wine saver pump allows you to remove air from the bottle and keep wine drinkable for up to two weeks. This means your favorite wine and a ‘nightly glass’ is possible!

Believe it or not but it can also work with coffee beans. Just put your coffee beans in an old wine bottle and seal it up.

I enjoy a glass here or there after a long, stressful day but having wine go bad was a common issue and buying smaller amounts just got to be too expensive, ever since getting the Wine Saver Pump that issue is gone! Flavorful wine night after night with minimal effort. I couldn’t live without it! It’s simply amazing and a must-have accessory for anyone who drinks wine regularly.

Price: 8.98
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