Karen MacNeil, the winner of every major wind award in the U.S. for wine, has released a revised and updated version of her best-selling book The Wine Bible. This is an amazing gift for the wine lover in your life a must have on any shelf.

She is the recipient of the James Beard Outstanding Wind and Spirits Professional of the Year. The host of the PBS show, Wine, Food, and Friends with Karen MacNeil.

The Wine Bible is the best introduction to wine for any beginner. A reference book that goes into more depth than any other wine book on the market to date. If you want to learn about how wines are made, about the grapes and regions of wine production, and more, this is the only book you need.

It makes a fantastic travel companion for visiting wine producing regions, especially with its compact size.

If you have a friend in your life that loves to lord their wine knowledge over you and your friends then this is a must-have in your library. You also can not go wrong with using this book to help you in making choices on new wines to try for your special evenings.

This book is not an encyclopedia, and it does not try to be one; it is a bible, a guide to wine, grapes, and regions. Dog ear the pages, cross off regions and wines you have tried, make notes about the ones you did not like and star the ones you did. Use this book as your bible to wine.

Like art, wine is all about the drinker and how you perceive the wine.  Let Karen be your guide, not your dictator!

Price: 10.99
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