It’s happened to most of us before: you get home from work and want a glass of wine, but there is none chilling in the fridge so you settle for a less satisfying soda or beer instead. Even worse is when you’re in the middle of serving dinner for friends only to find that you forgot to chill the wine!

Skybar Wine Chill Drops solve that problem. The wine accessories look sleek and they’re easy to use. Place a frozen Wine Chill Drop into an empty glass, pour in your wine, and just wait a bit — it takes about 90 seconds to chill red wine and eight minutes to chill whites. Once the time is up, place the Skybar Wine Chill Drop into its holder and enjoy your drink. Imagine being able to have wine in minutes without investing in a pricey chiller. After a hard day or when you simply want something to pair with the chocolate bar you’re planning to sneak before dinner, you’ll be glad to have these on hand.

As long as you keep the Wine Drops stored in your freezer, they’ll always be ready to go when you get a hankering for some vino. These work well, but what’s even better is their great modern look. This is the type of kitchen tool that you won’t mind having out in front of guests when you go to use it. It also makes perfect wine gifts for the aficionados in your life who already have every other wine accessory.

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