Do you know what goes well with wine? Bubbles. Specifically, bubble baths in a deep tub after a brutal day when all you want to do is slide under the water and sip some chardonnay. When most people get into that mood they go run a bath, grab a glass of their favorite wine, and think they’ll then be able to have a relaxing time soaking. The problem: wine glasses and tub ledges don’t mesh well.

Everyone who’s been in this situation has wished they had a wine holder handy, and that’s just what the SipCaddy Bath & Shower Wine Holder is. Simply stick its suction cup to the wall of your tub or shower, settle into your bath, and place your wine glass in the holder when needed.

My husband didn’t know what it was when he first saw it in the bathroom and asked why I’d hang a sponge holder so low on the wall. However, after I told him what a SipCaddy is and let him know that it holds plastic bottles and cans in addition to wine glasses, he started taking beer into the bathroom a few times a week. He recently bought another SipCaddy and stuck it higher up on the wall so he could more easily drink and shower at the same time.

It comes in several colors and is one of those wine accessories that makes awesome wine gifts anytime of the year. The SipCaddy is truly convenient, practical, and once you try using one you’ll wonder how you went so long without it.

Price: 13.95
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