Sometimes you want your wine and you want it now. It’s Friday, the boss has been nagging at you all day and trying to get you to work the weekend – NOT! – and that vino is calling your name. Did you remember to leave it out, breathing, before you left for work so that it would be smooth and embracing to drink? Of course not. The cat would find it, and instead of imbibing, you would be mopping. At that rate, you may as well work the weekend, right?

Then there’s the guests that you forgot are coming over in…no! Five minutes? How will you ever face them with a fresh-from-the-bottle Bordeaux? The faux pas is beyond contemplation, and you picture them all glancing at you with that Niles Crane eyebrow of disdain like at your last party, when the wine tasted a bit like…hmm, how to describe it. Dirt? Mud?

No worries! Your red wine can now breathe (how exactly does wine breathe, have you ever wondered? These are the deep questions that keep us awake at night) instantaneously! Just as if you’ve given it an oxygen mask and it took a big ol’ whiff. No, not the funny gas, the oxygen! Though giggling wine does sound intriguing, doesn’t it?

Your instant wine aerator solves your problem: you just pour the wine through the aerator and the proper amount of air is mixed with the wine, leaving it smooth and delightfully palatable. No, we don’t know who decides what the proper amount is, but add that to your list of sleepless night questions, and let us know if you find the answer, ok?

As you pour the wine and set the glasses out around the table, you rest easy, knowing that the Niles eyebrow will have the night off and your pas of faux will be a distant memory. Victory is yours!

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