Cooper Cooler Tailgater Rapid Beverage Chiller

$99.99 $81.62 (as of December 9, 2016, 10:33 am)

Chills cans, bottles, and wine from 77 degrees F to 43 degrees F in just minutes
Chills by rotating beverage while spraying with ice water; “no-spin” option for delicate wines
Extra chill setting chills to 33 degrees F; automatic touchpad with preset times


Product Description

Revolutionary Cooling System’s Cooper Cooler Tailgater rapid beverage chilling appliance comes with both a 120V household plug and a 12V car lighter plug. Small 30 watt draw so it will not drain your vehicle’s battery. User adds ice and water into the Cooper Cooler, selects the container setting, and it automatically does the rest. Patented process chills by rotating the beverage while simultaneously spraying it with ice water. Free up refrigerator space by storing your beverages warm and Chill-On-Demand to your desired drinking temperature in minutes. Chill wines to the high 60 degrees Fahrenheit / 20 degrees Celsius in one minute, to the low 50 degrees Fahrenheit / 11 degrees Celsius in 3.5 minutes, or to the low 40 degrees Fahrenheit / 6 degrees Celsius in 6 minutes. No Spin button to chill delicate wines. Patented process chills cans 40 times faster than a freezer or 10 times faster for wine. Safe to chill carbonated beverages like beer or soda, which will not foam over upon opening. Automatic touchpad timer stops the chilling process when your beverage is ready. Extra button allows the user the option of chilling their beverage to “ice cold”. Great for parties, entertaining, unexpected guests, spontaneous situations. The wall outlet power adapter is compatible with 220V (may require a plug converter, not included).

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