This very handy wine carrier bag will quickly become a favorite when you are planning to go on a picnic or to a friend’s house for a barbecue.

It’s just the right size to hold 2 bottles of wine but remember not to drive if you’re planning to finish them both at once! Alternatively you can fold down the flap in the insulated compartment and add some cheese, grapes and crackers to accompany your wine.

Included in the set are 2 acrylic wine glasses which are much more convenient than glass ones as they’re much harder to break. And for hands free convenience there are also 2 drink stakes which will perfectly fit those acrylic glasses once pushed into the ground.

Just remember to take the glass out of the holder when you want to take a drink!

Of course no wine set would be complete without a bottle opener or cork screw. How many times have you taken along a bottle of wine with a traditional cork to an outdoor event and no-one has a cork screw? Well with this convenient set you’ll never have that problem again!

And if you happen to be a slow drinker and can’t finish the bottle in one go, there’s also a bottle stopper! This means you can take the half finished bottle back home and enjoy the rest of your wine the next day.

Lastly for a special touch there are also 2 cloth napkins included to mop up any spillages or you can just pop one over your arm while pouring the wine and look like a professional maitre d’.

Price: 26.99
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