If you or someone you know likes to have fun accents in their home for the holidays and are a wine lover then this festive wine glass and bottle holder is a must have. Celebrate the season with this adorable snowman!

His body is the wine bottle holder and his arms hold two wine glasses. He has green mitten, a red and green striped scarf and a black and red top hat. This would make the perfect housewarming gift too!

If you are planning on having a party or family gathering your snowman friend will be a conversation piece that will attract plenty of attention. Make drinking wine a little more fun this holiday season with this adorable snowman wine glass and bottle holder.

As far as compatible sizes go the wine bottle holder is best suited for bottles of red wine that have shorter necks. Customers have found that the fit on a bottle of white wine, champagne, or sparkling cider is a bit awkward. The snowman rack can be bent just a bit to fit better but it is best to know which types of bottles fit best to avoid disappointment.

This wine holder is designed to balance when there is a bottle of wine and wine glasses in the snowman holder. If there is no wine in the middle your glasses might tip over. One of the great things about this wine holder is the fact that they arms can be removed so that it is not so difficult to store. Overall this is a good product and it is very cheerful and decorative, plus it has a nice price!

Price: 14.99
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