This is THE corkscrew favored by waiters, bartenders and sommeliers around the world. For anyone who drinks or serves wine regularly this waiters corkscrew is the perfect addition to your arsenal!

You couldn’t ask for a better value for your money! The 3 in 1 multi function is both stylish and dependable bottle after bottle. It blends a foil cutter, bottle opener and cork screw into this amazing little hand held machine. It’s like having everything you could ever want in one little attractive package!

It’s designed by and for sommeliers to cleanly remove any synthetic or natural cork in 5 turns or less – with no breakage. There’s also a notch along the “worm” (that’s the curly-Q metal that drills into the cork) that helps grip the cork better so that it doesn’t crumble.

The fulcrum is double-hinged, giving you extra leverage and makes for smoother pulling out of corks. For me, I used to never even drink wine because I didn’t know how to open the damn bottles! If I’d have had one of these bad boys earlier in life, I’d have been drinking wine at a much earlier age. :p

The foil cutter cannot be understated either. It’s long and rounded to make foil removal quick and painless.

Above and beyond everything else, the HiCoup Waiter Corkscrew also has a 100% lifetime warranty. The company will give a full refund or a brand new corkscrew if you have any issues or don’t love it.

This is really quite the nice gadget that any wine aficionado should have handy – grab one today, you won’t be disappointed!

Price: 11.95
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