This wine accessories set from IBO N´ Vino is a sleek, classy set of tools meant not only to assist in your wine drinking experience but to impress your friends and family while doing so. Encasing a wide variety of tools, this set can handle any possible need with efficiency and elegance.

With nine separate tools that arrive in a beautiful and artistic rosewood box, no true wine drinker should be without utilities like this!

Drinking wine is as much about atmosphere as it is about taste, and nothing can set the mood as quickly or as easily as this set. Each tool is crafted from durable and functional stainless steel that radiates a streamlined and professional air. From a wine aerator to a wine thermometer, any possible need is completely fulfilled with this simple kit.

Use it while drinking alone to elevate your personal experience, or bring it out in full view of friends, family, and guests in order to bring any gathering a warm and spontaneous air. Or, even better, give this product as a gift, adding a personal touch while showing your friend how much you care through this beautiful set. They’re guaranteed to love and cherish it, as it not only shows care from a loved one but is immensely useful and long-lasting.

Perfect for any experience, setting, or use, this set has a unique quality and character that simply can not be replicated. You can make any wine experience as perfect, impressive, and unique as possible, simply by using this set!

Price: 49.95
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