A set of 8 awesomely vibrant wine glass markers from Glass Artist!

This set of 8 premium metallic colors for glass are fast drying, erasable and safe. Each set comes with a holiday stencil set and free cleaning cloth. Colors include black, silver, gold, red, purple, pink, blue, and green.

The Glass Artist marker set is a new, unique wine accessories gift. Forget the wine glass charms; use these markers to customize wine glasses in a new way. Write names, draw pictures or use the stencils for a personalized touch. Why not let your guests in on the fun! Have them let loose and customize their own glasses. Think of it as a new “Hello My Name is ______” tag, but way more entertaining.

The marker set is great for wine gifts, but it is so much more. The markers write on any kind of glass. Use them to decorate mirrors, windows, bottles, or drinking glasses. The markers are not just for adults, either. Kids love the bright colors and using them to create their own special drinking glasses.

With a little imagination, the markers have endless possibilities. One person uses them to help her busy family stay connected and keep up with one another’s daily lives. She keeps the markers on the bathroom counter, and each person writes messages on the bathroom mirror to each other! Her only complaint is that the silver color is “light” and doesn’t show up very well. Hmmm, silver may not be the best color for the mirror.

Packaged in a beautiful box, the Glass Artist wine glass marker set is a perfect wine accessories gift!

Price: 9.79
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