Wine is a great thing. Wine with friends is also a great thing. Unfortunately, however, when wine and friends mix, a lot of times a few drips can result from pouring the wine and missing the timing of when the wine would stop coming out of the bottle. This problem has undoubtedly caused many ruined tablecloths, shirts, and upholstery!

With these handy gadgets, though, you can say good-bye to the days of ruined fabrics from wine drips.

This must-have item for any wine lover is perfectly designed. It is a flat piece of plastic that easily roles into a tube, which can in turn be inserted into a wine bottle. It expands to perfectly fit the wine bottle’s opening. It immediately stops the wine from pouring when the bottle is raised so that you and your friends do not have to worry about drips, and you can simply focus on having a good time.

After they have served their purpose, the smooth plastic design can simply be rinsed off and left on the counter to dry for the next time you and your friends want to have a wine-filled, drip-free evening.

As an added bonus, these handy plastic fabric savers are FDA approved, so you can be sure that no harmful chemicals are mixing in with your tasty wine.

Finally, if for some reason you are not satisfied with these clever gadgets, you can return them to the manufacturer at no cost to you. With this guarantee and the promise of making wine drinking more fun, there seems to be no reason to not invest in a few of these wine pouring spouts!

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