If you or someone you know is a wine lover then the Big Mouth wine glass is just the perfect holiday gift, housewarming present, or a treat for yourself.

If you have always wished that there was a wine glass that was able to fit an extra glass of wine then you are in for a pleasant surprise – the Big Mouth wine glass is able to accommodate two glasses of wine instead of just one!

The top of the glass is just like your average wine glass but the bottom of the glass is an extra container for additional wine. You get extra storage capacity but also all the benefits that come with drinking wine in a traditional wine glass. All of your favorite wines will taste great just like they always do but you don’t have to keep filling up your glass frequently. At parties and get together you don’t have to stop to go fill up your glass or your guest’s glasses because there will already be plenty in there.

The front of the wine glass has the saying “Finally! a wine glass that fits my needs.” This is a fun and lighthearted gift for just about anyone with a sense of humor.

Your friends and family will love this unique item and will probably want to order more for their gift list. The Big Mouth wine glass is also affordable which makes it a great buy for those on a budget. If you want an original gift or if you just want one for yourself the Big Mouth wine is the perfect thing!


Price: 17.99
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