I thought this insulated picnic wine bag was the perfect gift for my friend who was moving to Florida, it turns out it was! As soon as the delivery arrived, I wanted to keep it, but being the kind friend, I am, I decided to order myself one as well. It’s the perfect size to hold exactly what you need for a nice outdoor picnic or any outdoor event. We both describe it as the “wine emergency kit” because not only is it compact and well thought out in its design, but it also includes all of the necessary “tools” needed in case of a “wine emergency”.

There are two adorable acrylic wine glasses, perfect for a toast. The fancy black cotton napkins add a touch of class and elegance. It includes a really nice bottle stopper and corkscrew, both were higher quality than I expected.

Since my friend moved, she said she has already taken it to a beach and concert. The possibilities are endless and I really think it’s the best gift you can get for someone who enjoys a chilled glass of wine and appreciates outdoor scenery. Also, the insulation and separation of the bag make the bottles feel very secure, you don’t hear clinking or worry about anything breaking. If you only bring one bottle of wine, you can fill the other compartment with items that need to stay cool, like prepared fruits and cheeses. It’s also a great idea to put a bottle or two of the recipient’s favorite wine in it when you give it to them, that way it’s all ready to go!

Price: 41.99
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