One of the very few problems with drinking wine is that it seems the rich flavor of the wine often gets trapped at the bottom of the glass – or it was all condensed into the first few sips. With these handy aerating wine glasses, however, that problem can be a thing of the past.

Aerating wine glasses are specially designed to ensure that you can enjoy the delicious wine flavor with each and every drink, leaving no sip of wine behind.

The ingenuity of this design is owed to Daniele Semeraro. He combined his love of wine with his love of simple designs to create what is arguably the perfect wine accessory. If you want your home to become the one that all of your friends come to for the best wine in town, then these wine glasses can help you to accomplish that goal.

Aerating wine glasses can make any party, dinner, or event much better, thanks to its natural enhancement of the full wine flavors. Additionally, each glass is handmade from crystal, so you know that not only does your wine taste better, but you are also drinking from a better quality glass.

Since each order of these sets comes with two glasses that could change your wine drinking life, they make the perfect gift for any wine aficionados in your life! Anniversaries, birthdays, weddings – all of these can be cause for drinking wine … and with these glasses it will be a more pleasant experience than ever!

For those who are looking to become known as wine connoisseurs, these aerating glasses can be a massive help in achieving that commendable goal.

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